New & Notable in New Yorkby Siobhan Wallace

OTB Bars & Pubs

OTB is for those nights where you want to relive horse racing's more glamorous, high class days.

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Eastwood Bars & Pubs

Eastwood reminds you what a really great neighborhood bar can be like.

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Kopi Unclassified

Instead of hanging out in a loud, cramped cafe, you can go to relaxing Kopi Kopi and enjoy an avocado with your espresso.

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Bklyn Beast
Bklyn Beast Health Clubs & Gyms

Spinning and yoga are fun, but they're not the only way to get fit and lean. Bklyn Beast is here to bring parkour and capoeira to Bushwick.

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Tr Crandall Guitars
Tr Crandall Guitars Musical Instruments

Who said the music industry is dying? It's just that we make our own music now, and TR Crandall is opening for those guitar needs.

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Heart 'n Soul
Heart 'n Soul Restaurants

Heart n' Soul is out to show that Southern food doesn't have to be low-brow.

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Alder Corp
Alder Corp Food & Dining

Acclaimed chef Wylie Dufresne has opened the affordable gastropub Alder.

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The Brooklyn Sandwich Society
The Brooklyn Sandwich Society New American

Brooklyn Sandwich Society, perfect for fans of awesome backyard seating and delicious sandwiches.

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